BSCI study prep?

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I'm going to purchase Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI) (Authorized Self-Study Guide), 3rd Edition from Cisco here in the next week or so but was wondering what other resources would be good for this test? I know there are allot of bad **** sites out there but I wanted to know if **** is considered one of them, if so then I will avoid it, they do not advertise like the others of actual test so I think they may be legit. Basically I'm asking that because I want to study in a legit way and actually learn the material and not memorize questions, it did take me over a year to earn the CCNA, I want to get the CCNP in a legit way as well. They say "practice tests, consisting of most realistic and comprehensive practice questions covering published objectives of the official exams" on their site so I wanted to make sure they are legit. Basically I plan to read the book twice before starting the practice test and also do labs, pretty much what I did to prepare for the CCNA, thanks for any input in advance.


  • borumasborumas Posts: 244Member
    Well crap, it's x'ed out so I guess that answers my question right there. Any other legit sites that can be of help, other than Cisco and here of course? Ugh, I guess this should have been created in the CCNP forum as well, sorry.
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