exams 70-290/70-291 win 2003

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I was wondering; after you studied and passed the 70-290 exam, is it also easy to pass for the 70-291 exam then? I mean are those two exams very similar?



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    Very few people have taken these exams. There are around 5,000 MCSA 2003 and most of them probably used 292 to upgrade.

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    Those two exams are completely different. The first is a bit like 70-215 Server and the other 216 Network infrastructure, there is little to no overlap between these two exams.
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    Oke thank you very much! :)
    So, they just sound similar icon_wink.gif
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    I'm actually sitting in on a class this week for my 2003 MCSA and let me tell you, 70-290 and 70-291 have similarities based only in knowledge of GPOs and AD, besides that they're quite different. 290 is primarily about managing the server and it's objects within GPO, monitoring and troubleshooting devices, etc. 291 is more about remote access, application and inheritance of GPOs, and services such as DHCP and DNS (speaking of which DNS is kicking my butt). I've taken 290 twice, first time failed with a 670 and second time with a 674!! Passing score is a 700. My instructor who actually worked on some of the tests said it was probably by only 2 questions (M$ keeps the max score a secret).

    The 2 books that I can recommend are Exam Cram 2 70-290 and Exam Cram 2 70-291. I would've done much better had I had any more experience. I've only been working with networks for 5 months and that was with Windows Server 2000.
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