Transcender Flash Card Mode

JdotQJdotQ Member Posts: 230
Anyone that has the Transcender software attempt to review with the "Transcender Flash" (Flash Card) mode? I was surprised at how difficult it was. Some of the topics/questions are extremely focused and are looking for pinpointed information for the answers. Maybe without having the options and choices for answers is throwing me for a loop.

I'm just focusing on Routing and Remote Access section of 70-291 right now (I feel that is my weakest section -- anyone else feel the same?!). I can take the Transcender "Exam Experience" for Routing and Remote Access without much problems compared to almost bombing on the Flash Card section. As an example, the Flash Card mode has several questions on Connection Point Services (CPS), which I have not seen covered anywhere else in my studies (MS Press Book, CBT Nuggets)

Am I really that unprepared, or is the Flash Card section that much harder?!?


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