Question on path from MCSA to MCSE

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I am currently looking at the requirements for MCSA and I will be using my A+ and Net+ as an elective. However, when I looked at the path for MCSE I didn't see A+/Net+ as an option for an elective, only Sec+. My question is once I receive my MCSA are they going to allow the use of the A+/Net+ as an elective as well as Sec+? Is it easier just to go straight for the MCSE instead of getting MCSA first? I am confused.


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    no mate,

    you can use your a+ net + as an elective towards your mcsa but you cannot use the 2 towards the mcse. but if you use an sec+ towards the mcsa you can also use it towards the mcse. simple really.
    but i also fell into that trap
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