A+ 2006 study material question

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I'm preparing for the A+ now and I have two books: Exam Cram A+ and A+ 2006 In Depth (Thomson textbook). Has anyone else used one or both of these books, and if so, were they sufficient?

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    I'm using the Thompson In Depth book now so I'm also curious. Did you get the complete kit? Mine came in a kit with about three hundred flash cards (or so) and an extra cd besides the one that is in the book that includes some extra tests. It seems like there is a ton of material that seems to map well to the objectives. Don't use the Exam Cram yet...got the kit from Borders.
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    I didn't get the kit due to the extra cost. The book does seem to map to the objectives well, but I've decided to jump around in the text so I can walk through the objectives start to finish. Trying to go through the book start to finish confuses the material too much, in my opinion. It might work well for working on PCs in general, but I am just trying to fill in the gaps on my experience to prepare for the exam.

    Are you taking the exam soon?
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    I plan on taking it in January. The job that I have right now affords me a lot of study time and I like using it to the fullest. Plus I don't like not being prepared for something, who doesn't really. I'm also on a personal vendetta against a few of my professors who can't teach IT by self studying and getting all the certs for thousands less than I wasted with them.
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