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The Network+ exam is straight forward and you shouldn't be afraid to take the exam if your consistently scoring over 90% in your practice exams (which is the method I have adopted and I believe it works!). If your are scoring that high then you will easily pass just make sure to use some of these sites as they have helped me to pass the exam (just take their practice exams and/or read their free exam notes:
1) http://www.comptia.org/default.asp get a printed copy of the exam objectives and make sure you read it regularly as they actually "give away" answers to questions in the exam and no I'm not kidding! Rule one: get the exam objectives and print them out!
2) http://www.mcmcse.com yours truly, good set of exam questions as you would expect.
3) http://www.techexams.net/forums/index.php make sure you sign up with these guys! 3 different tests on this site and one just on port numbers: if you can get these questions on the port numbers you'll get every question on the exam correct when you get asked anything regarding port numbers and their corresponding service!
4) http://www.cert21.com/ just use their practice demo questions for the network+ and don't ever bothering buying any of their questions, they are not worth it!
5) http://fredsfastcram.netfirms.com/ This site has some really useful notes on the network+ amongst others!
6) http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/cisintwk/ito_doc/introint.htm for those of you worried about the OSI model you can download a free pdf
7) http://www.pagesbydave.com/GEO/netplus.html this is a really good site lots of free questions
icon_cool.gifhttp://www.examforce.com/customer/special4.php?sid=525 all I have to say is that this is a must download!! Just check it out 1500 Q&A for various exams and 100 Q&A on the network+ exam and btw they are taken from the end of chapter questions from examcram2 I believe and you get a free cram sheet with it to. Once view menu -> cram sheet and just print it out and make sure you read it regularly and take it with you when you take your exam (but remember that you can't take it into the exam room! Yes its a no no :o )
9) http://www.preplogic.com/ just get your free demo here for lots of exams. You know they gave me a free upgrade for 72 questions (one exam free) but I've downloaded most of the other free demos they have but they never give away anything like that with any other of their exams. I say if they want to give it away let them I don't mind!
10) http://www.transcender.com/ get demo
11) http://www.boson.com/tests/standardized.htm get demo but keep in mind that some of the questions which they ask will not be tested on the exam, they seem to be there just to catch you out! Like PAN is tested on the exam or 802.1 - get real! They are not listed on the exam objectives so they shouldn't include things like that! They along with other big named test software just include things like that to make you think that you need to buy their software/questions when you do not need to.
12) http://www.bfq.com/bfqd/download.php as for the quality of this one all I have to say is that it needs work! But you can download it free and make your own mind up about it and see for yourself! Any way guys I hope this helps you all out, just make sure to download and print out the exam objectives and work your way through with preferably with a good study guide! Best of luck to you on your exams and talk to later. Man is it that late already? icon_mad.gifx: I think I need some sleep :zzz: There, now thats better :D


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    Thanks for the excellent advice . I already have a Bsc in Computer Science and have worked in Networking for 2 years. My problem was knowing the scope of the Net+ exam and the depth of knowledge I needed to know. Before reading your article I was somewhat unsure of a study path but now Im very confident that I can revise and sit the exam and succeed. I dont believe in spending lots of money on transcenders or the like. I think most are a rip off. Also, as you have pointed out , there is enough Info available to us on the Internet for free. Cheers :P
    Damien Mallon
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    Hi and your very welcome DamienM as are the rest of you guys!! By the way I plan to take the i-Net+ exam next week therefore I'll post a similar post I have done for the Network+ but will concerntrate on the i-Net+ sources on the net. Best of luck with your exam and I'll talk to you later :D
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