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Hi all.
I am new on this forum. I am glad to be here.
I have CCNP certificate and want to continue study CCIE course.
I am from Georgia Republic. In my country isn't this course. So I want to study CCIE course in the USA in any state.
Please tell me in which school/collage/university I can get this course? Better be long course (more then 3 mounth).

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    go to india its cheaper
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    There is no single CCIE course that you sit through and learn all you need to know to be a CCIE.

    From the Cisco Web site:
    No formal training requirement exists for CCIE certification.

    They do suggest some of the training course that may be useful for the CCIE R&S Written Exam, like the CCNP courses and the QoS and MPLS courses.

    There is training offered by some of the companies that sell the Workbooks for Lab Study and Practice, and also some training by companies that don't have workbooks for sale.

    Have you studied for and passed the CCIE Written exam yet? I'm assuming your planning on the Routing & Switching Track.

    NLI ( does offer a Written Exam study guide and Written Exam Preparation Bootcamp here in the US, but I think they may be offering remote online access now for some (if not all) of their bootcamps.

    Then checkout some of the workbook vendors to see what they have. Some of them do offer bootcamps around the world, in addition to online classrooms, recorded classes, DVDs, and even audios CDs.

    You can also google for Heinz Ulm -- famous for his focused bootcamps of varying lengths. Offered at least in the US and Europe, maybe elsewhere closer to your home.

    Hopefully you've already been to
    and checked out the Book List, Online Resources, and the exam blueprints for both the Written and Lab exams.

    The main Cisco CCIE page is here
    :mike: Cisco Certifications -- Collect the Entire Set!
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    Thanks for advise.
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