How much can getting a top secret (TS) clearance help with your career and salary? Just curious to hear some opinions and maybe from those who have it.
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    I have a clearence, it will help you get positions that require a clearence. A lot of the positions I have seen asking for a clearence are about the same or a little higher than those that do not require it. I don't think it helps too much for positions that don't require it. Lets them know you are trust worthy I guess. I'd say if you find a position you like that requires a clearence go for it. You can't just send the government an email and say you want a clearence though.
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    I think a TS Clearance would be absolutely huge for making $$$.

    I have seen jobs pay up to 30% more just because of clearance.

    The next question:

    How do I obtain a clearance?

    If I enroll in Navy Reserves can I get a clearance????
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    A clearence is not absoulutley huge for making money. Not in my experience anyway. Cleared positions pay slightly higher in most cases some may pay a lot more. I have had more luck finding positions that do not require a clearence that pay better. A clearence is not a get rich quick ticket thats for sure.

    You can get a clearence through military service, or apply for a position that requires one. The employer will sponser your clearence. I wouldn't suggest joing any branch of the military for the sole purpose of getting a clearence. You will get a lot more than a clearence thats for sure.
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    it depends on the level of the cleranacne and location. If the job requires a secret and you don't have one I would say apply anyway. Secret clerances can be given out much easier than anything higher than that. Now when you start moving into the TS/SCI spectrum and you don't have one, I say forget about it. Salaries for a job requireing a TS vs one not requireing one is around 10-15k a year more. When you tac on the poly's weather its a CI or a full scope can add another 5-10K. Ok I ran my mouth too much, but all in all I agree with above don't join the military just to get a clearance, you will get more than just that.
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    a clearance is very important. think about it, anyone can get certified, however not everyone can get a top secret clearance because of their past. However, if the gov't is hurting for people they will hire civilians with no military experience and pay the $$$ to get them a clearance, trust me i see it happen at my work all the time. say it cost the contracting company $15,000 to get the clearance, but you have to remember they are making well above that per year in having you fill a contractor position.
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    bowlersp wrote:
    think about it, anyone can get certified, however not everyone can get a top secret clearance because of their past.

    Actually, you have to have a brain and pass a test to get certified. Takes effort. Pretty much anyone who isn't a criminal can get a clearence, no effort at all besides the 14 pages of information you have to fill out. Of about 100 individuals I know, I only saw 2 get denied a clearence, one for a crime committed as a late teen and another for major financial issues (bankruptcy). I have seen far more people fail school and cert exams than clearences.

    Just a different way of looking at it. :)
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    anybody can get a clearance. Just stay way from drugs and criminal activity.

    Thats it!!
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    nice343 wrote:
    anybody can get a clearance. Just stay way from drugs and criminal activity.

    Thats it!!
    Not quite. Bad credit, bankruptcy, severe debt, and treatment for psychological disorders are also vulnerabilities that may make you a security risk.
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    Most people I have seen turned down it was for financial reasons.
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    yeah, you would be suprised at what they will disqualify you for post 9/11. they have gotten real picky. even if you have been treated for depression by your doctor could disqualify you for a clearance. a buddy of mine was disqualified for that reason. and you have to remember, there are many different levels of clearances. so most of you are right when you say, anybody can get a clearance, yeah, most people can get a "secret" clearance because all they check is your police record. however for "top secret" and above (for some clearances they will give you a polygraph test or lie-detector test) you have to fill out a long questionaire pretty much a summary of your life and what you have done. then they send out an investigator to talk to your family, friends, friends of friends, and people you didn't even remember. after they are done with that and have more information on you that you can remember, they come talk to you to check the validity of what you have said and written. once that is done they will either give you the clearance or not give it to you. oh yeah, keep in mind post 9/11 that to get a top secret clearance or above takes a good 2 years or more thanks to the tougher screening methods. mine took about 2 years. so i wouldn't take a clearance too lightly, that is why there are the pay differences for the people with them, and the people with out them.

    for more information read the full article below:
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