Entry-level database job?

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Hi everybody,

First of all, I think entry-level database job DOES NOT exist. I live in canada and I can't find a "junior database" or "entry-level database" job. (After intensively search jobs for 2 months, ALL yes ALL DBA job need at least 3 years DATABASE experience!!) And now I think about it, it's very reasonable that a Boss won't hire a guy without database experience to touch his company's data!

So now, my question is how can I get into the database field if I can't even find an entry level database job?

any suggestions?


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    Look for jobs that have you working on Microsoft Access databases. Access is a toy database engine, but many small businesses use it. Get a copy of Access and start learning how to use it to create tables, schemas, and client forms using VBA. If you can't get a copy of Access, try downloading the free SQL Server Express 2005 instead.

    As a DBA, you need to be able to demonstrate that you can design databases and maintain database servers using standard tools. The Microsoft MCDBA is a great cert to study for while you are learning.
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    Just my opinion, but junior database or anything of the likes where they are looking for 3+ years exp are probobly looking for the following qualifications.

    Design and implementation of a database. Can deal with many technicians when they have questions/concerns about the design and feel confident with explaining your design/implementation to them.

    Be able to do all basic SQL commands.
    Familiar with scirpting SQL procedures for crystal reporting, crystal reporting, oracle experience.
    ability to create stored procedures and know when to use them and when not to use them.

    Database structure etc.

    There is so much that goes into a database admin or the like its always amazing to watch one work.

    I have what I would consider "basic" SQL experience. Though I have had offers by others for a DBA, I know very well that I am no where near that level of expertise. I have done some pretty decent customizing in SQL too. So with this in mind, a DBA position or the like to get into the DBA side is going to be tough.

    Your best bet would be to look into a database analyst position. I work with these guys all the time and most of them are not very familiar with SQL enough to even write a stored procedure or even know what it is used for or when. They are good however with other code languages. However, you can get the opportunity to admin a server or two if you show that you are good.

    Good luck and I hope the best to you.
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