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I just passed today with a 763. I am almost a mirror image of mininday's post. I work with XP all the time, and did not study as hard as I should have. I felt with the 2nd shot offer I could give it a go and see what happens.

I was only confident on about half of the questions. I marked the other ones (the other half) for review. Then I went back and re-read all the reviewed items and just crossed my fingers and finished with about 10 minutes to go.

I used the Exam Cram 2 book, and the practice tests included. The book with CD included was $7 shipped off of half . com. I also used this site with the practice test for the 70-270, and all the posts. Thanks a for all the good information.

Just to give anyone info on the 2nd shot offer from least what I saw. You register at Microsoft (with your .net ID) and get a 2nd shot voucher through email. Then you register with the prometric website and schedule your test. You select add voucher when signing up. What confused me is that the site would always go back to "Add Voutcher"... there was never an indication that the voutcher was linked to my test. I emailed support and they verified that my voutcher was added. Then if I didn't pass, I'd use that same voutcher when scheduling the test for free. Glad I didn't have to use it.

I'm moving on to the 2003 core exams next, and I have the microsoft books for that. We will see how it goes. I love the site, and thanks again!


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    what edition of exam cram did you use. I was thinking about getting it also but the newer version is about $30 at Amazon and they have some used ones but a older version for much cheaper.
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    I used the older 1st edition, 2003 version. It did not have any SP2 info, but I definately got my $7 worth with the book and the software. The CD had a practice test with 150 questions and answers. It also had the book in PDF form which is nicer than carrying the book arround.

    I like the exam cram two page insert cram sheets. I brought this to the test site and looked it over for an hour before hand. I knew all the info on the sheet back and'd never pass the test by just knowing the cram pages, but it was nicely organized and put me in the right frame of mind.
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