Funny Interview Story

I went for an interview awhile back and got the question

"What protocol works with IP in the upper layers?"...

At the time I was thinking to myself hundreds of protocols running through my mind, because there are literally hundreds of protocols that run over IP.

He then says "TCP is the protocol that works with IP" and gave me a weird look like I was dumb.

At that point I thought to myself "UDP, and other protocols also work with IP if that is what he was looking for..."

I swear to GOD some of these interviewers are dumber then the people they are hiring.

This was a network engineering job, and he seemed impressed that I knew the OSI model so easily.

Let me tell you I left that interview, after they offered me a second interview, and said I'm out of here because I'm keeping my technical dignity intact.
By the way this guy was the Senior Systems Engineer in primarily Cisco shop.
I don't think they should hand out the title "Engineer" to just anybody because it completely ruins the title.

Peace out
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  • 1MeanAdmin1MeanAdmin Member Posts: 157
    I may be wrong but of all the protocols level 4 through 7, only level 4 protocols (TCP and UDP) use IP directly. For example DHCP uses UDP directly, while Telnet uses TCP directly. Level 5-7 protocols don't use IP directly. The interviewer, however, made a mistake calling TCP the(!) [only] protocol that uses IP.

    I hate those tricky questions on interview. icon_evil.gif
  • GoldmemberGoldmember Member Posts: 277
    You are exactly right...
    but the way he worded the question was too ambiguous...
    and he forgot about UDP in its entirety..

    Luckily I found a new job with the City...I am set for life now.

    Yeah for me!!!
    CCNA, A+. MCP(70-270. 70-290), Dell SoftSkills
  • NetstudentNetstudent Member Posts: 1,694
    Ya that job sounds like a conflict in the making. Glad you got somehting different.
    There is no place like BUT is my away from!
  • Poison ReversePoison Reverse Member Posts: 62 ■■□□□□□□□□
    If the pay was right you should've just taken it. You would've known way more than you had to know to be in your job unless you're big on testing new technologies and getting into crazy challenging situations at the company.

    I recently interviewed for this job and the interviewer was also impressed by how easily i spit that OSI model out.
    I'm a CCVP, so whatchya sayin'?

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  • iowatechiowatech Member Posts: 120
    Or just say:

    Ik spreek het geen Engels!

    Then quietly leave the room. : D
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    Well this Title infront of names 6/10 times is exagerated!! I attended one interview and the guy had his questions and answers written down on a paper. On his door its written Head of IT Dept, on his card hard various title prefixes. He was ashame really and was trying had not to glance much on it. Of course not glancing at it he could barely construct a meaningful question.
    It's time for an ISO ???? to give titles!!
  • SmallguySmallguy Member Posts: 597
    I agree with NetStudent

    sounds like you made the right decision

    maybe the guy jsut got a bad list of interview questions but sometimes having a "technical manager" is bad. Not if they are truly technical and are a great mentor but there are a lot of people who think they know and do not... Then can make for a bad job experience. I'm speaking from personal experience my old boss has been gone for 6 months and he still haunts us
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    iowatech wrote:
    Or just say:

    Ik spreek het geen Engels!

    Meen je dat nu echt? :P
  • iowatechiowatech Member Posts: 120
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