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I put my resume out there, basically just updated it and put it back on all the job sites a few days ago... Today I got 3 calls from different staffing agencies. I'm not really looking to move because we're doing an active directory migration from NT and I'm about to get some kickin' experience. My question is, what should I do with the calls? Should I return them and hear their spiel and say no? Or just not return them, etc.


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    you'll probably have to go to a 2nd interview if they like you, so you really have nothing to lose if you go.

    it'll give you a great chance to get some interview practice and see what skills they are looking for and what environment you are interested in as well.

    you can always tell them that you will be working on an AD migration and would like to support your current employer until that is completed. it may show you have a vested interest in your employers.

    Good luck
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    I'd return the calls and hear them out. Most employers assume you can't start immediately if you're currently employed anyway. Just give them an estimate for when you'd be able to start and let them make the decision. Maybe they'll even offer you something that is more appealing than an AD migration.
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    I'll probably give them a call tomorrow. The thing is I'm pretty sure they are all from staffing agencies and I haven't heard a whole lot of good stories from places like that from people on this board.
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    Tell them to keep you in mind for future positions, thats what I do. They call me back priodicaly or send and email. You never know when you might need them.
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    Defiantly atleast give them a courtesy call back.
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