UDP/RTP voice data using a default route

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Will UDP/RTP voice traffic use a default route or must it be defined in the a route table on a 3560 switch?

I had a problem in which I could connect (call) to someone else's 7970 phone, establish a connection but he could not hear me. Thought it was some kind of a VPN issue with my watchguard edge device but it turned out to be just that a route was missing on the CORE switch. Anyone got any ideas as to why I would need to put in a route for the next hop and why my default <next hop> did not work? Worked for all the other traffic just not UDP/RTP...


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    dtlokeedtlokee Member Posts: 2,378 ■■■■□□□□□□
    RTP/UDP/IP will use whatever routes are in the table, the fact the call could go through but not not hear you sounds like a an issue with secondary conections for voice/call signaling, it seems odd that a static route would fix the issue.
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    cisco18128cisco18128 Member Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Do you have any form of Natting along the path ? Also what type of signalling protocol is this. Most likely, you had some higher level stack that contained ip address information. Since Nat only changes the L3 header info, you could still have problem when an end host tries to reach the IP address that was specified in the higher level stack e.g. SDP

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