difference in hub and router

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what is the main difference between hub, router and switch mainly when they are sharing the network, being novice in networking and off course being N+ student (beginners). I am always confuse woth this three words

funny is all of them sounds like same


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    Hi there! My recommendation to you is to use the following url as it is an online computer dictionary which is FREE :D Just type in the key word you need to define and click "Go". By the way once you have gotten a defintion there should be some additional links for the term near the bottom of the screen. You can click on them for futher study! Ok here is the url:


    Best of luck with your exams. Take care and have fun whatever your up to! Bye :D
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    Hi. Main simplistic differences are: Hubs cannot read packet headers. Therefore they cannot control broadcast storms.i.e they forward the frames to all hosts. Switches can read frame headers and can forward frame to the correct host therefore controlling broadcast storms. They are beeter suited to busy networks than hubs. Routers connect networks together. Routers have a routing table and can control the path of the frame based on this table. Routers can connect different types of networks. eg token ring and ethernet. Remember: OSI MOdel -- >
    Hub -- Physical Layer
    Switch -- Data Link Layer
    Router -- Network Layer

    Routers are the outmost component of your network and generally act as gateways.

    Hopes this helps
    Damien Mallon
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