Alternate Way To Study CCNP?

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Hi guys,

I have seen most of the poeple opt for self-study for CCNP,i am just wandering whether anyone over here tried online training? There is no reviews for any good cisco online training especially for ccnp. So just want to get some ideas from you guys? any good online training out there.

I have been browsing for a couple of days to weight my option but all seems to be too promising,24x7 help assistants from CCNP pros, guaranteed pass within a year? what do you guys think?


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    I dont get it, online training? Knet,cbt,learnkey etc all have video training, does it mater if its streaming or from your harddrive? 24x7 assistance from ccnp pros? Hrmm, where could i find a resource like this? Oh TechExams and its free! Guaranteed pass within the year, now i'm sorry but this is down to an individuals intelligence, anyone of average intelligence and a logical mind can pass ccnp within a year, two months per exam is enough for a solid understanding.
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