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Before I leave this forum I want to make sure I am ready. I recently passed 290 and always felt uncomfortable with the training books approach with one instance.

I was never exposed to Server until I started studying for 290 and when I started I began reading the Microsoft training kit and the problem was right before lesson one there is a note that states you will need a second computer configured as a member server.

After completing 290 I learned how to configure everything and use virtual software but I just think it would have been a lot easier if there was something that listed all the steps such as download virtual software, configure your dc as this with these settings and your a member server with these settings so they can communicate properly. My question is... are these books expecting too much from someone who is starting to learn a starter server certification? Or after passing 270 should I been able to setup the domain controller and a member server. I had a heck of a time at first I set them up but having them communicate was another story. I had to step back and learn virtual server and learn how to build a network. I just dont want to go to 291 if I missed something fundamental in 290.

Thanks to this site for all the posts. Please be BRUTALLY honest if I missed the boat PLEASE throw me a jacket!


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    What was your specific setup and what training materials did you use?

    I used the MS Press book. All the exercises were very detailed and built upon the previous exercises. Is this what you used as well? I'm not sure why you'd have difficulty getting the servers to communicate properly.

    When you say you used virtual software, do you mean virtual machines or just sims? You mention virtual server, so I assume you got some VMs going. I personally use and prefer VMWare Workstation, and I really like some of the new features in version 6. I think they have a demo, so maybe give that a shot and see if that meets your needs better.

    I don't think you'd have passed the exam if you were missing fundamental knowledge. Just brush up on the areas where you didn't do as well. 290 is basically a glorified 270. I actually took it before 270 without having any real server 2003 experience. It really just gets the ball rolling. It touches on AD, IPSec, certificates, DNS, etc., but the other exams really focus on those specific topics. Don't feel like you have to master everything before you move on. You will acquire all those bits and pieces as your progress through the certifications.
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    If you can pass the 70-270 and 70-290 and you didn't ****, you are ready for 70-291, sure you might fail the first time. I failed my ICND and came back and dominated it. (Wasn't a lack of knowledge, ran out of time) So you'll do alright. You are running the labs and that puts you ahead of the pack. I know so many people who just read the books or attend a ****-bootcamp and somehow expect to pass, and them somehow get jobs.

    Are you ready to advance or more correctly, what do you need to review?
    Test your subnetting knowledge using learntosubnet.com and try and run your 70-290 labs from memory, that would be a good sign.
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    Thanks for the responses so far. I have the following book material microsoft, sybex, For questions I use examforce/crammaster and overall put it all together I use Test out. The most important software is the virtual server but I am going to try vmware seems more people prefer that on this site.

    Afte reading the response I agree I will move on that most of the exams will build on the current skill set so anything I may need more practice on I can while moving forward.

    I have 2.5 months before second shot expires since 291 is considered the hardest do you think the time is best suited to pursue another certification in the MCSE track so I can utilze the second shot or should I attempt the beast a couple times. My ego will not be crushed if I fail and exposure to the exam cant hurt anything except my wallet.

    I always planned on doing them in order but I see some people take 290 and than skip 291. I was thinking 70-284 Exchange. Is that exam a little bit more realistic in 2 months? Also for the rest of the series should I take 291, 293, 294 and 297 or 298 is it best learned in order I have read in posts about how some techs take 290 and than 270 etc.
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    If any MS exam will is suited for a second shot (that's the free retake, right?), it's 291.

    I think you can do it in two months. It depends on how much time you're willing/able to put into it. I passed 294 last week on the 12th, and I've scheduled 291 for 12/27. I work full-time and am a full-time student through 12/17, but I'm putting every spare second into studying for 291 (seriously, I should have been sleeping off a hangover this morning, not watching CBT Nuggets at 8am).

    If you want to take a different exam, go for it. It helps to mix things up. I did my security+ after 290/270, and I'll probably do linux+ or something after 291/293. Don't put too much emphasis on fitting the second shot into the equation. If you pass them all the first time, it'll never matter anyway ;)

    291 and 293 really make the most sense to do together. The order for the rest isn't all that important. For example, 291 could have prepared me for a few questions about IPSec and certificates in 294, but a little extra reading brought me up to speed quickly.
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    Two months shouldn't be a problem (I took 2 weeks between 290 and 291) IF you already have some TCP/IP experience. Although I wan't asked any direct subnetting questions, you should be able read questions or view diagrams with multiple IP addresses and not get confused by all the numbers (when all you need to know is where to install a DHCP Relay Agent).

    Of course you should sign up for the Second Shot! It's free and it takes most of the pressure off when you sit for the exam. I signed up Second Shots for both 290 and 291, as well as 293 which I am taking next week. I haven't needed one yet, but like Crash Davis says, a player on a streak has to respect the streak.

    After 293 I plan on taking 297 and then come back and pick up 294 before Christmas. Then I can get back to work on my CCNP...
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    I do not have extensive tcp knowledge. What I did do is reformat my lab and start from scratch for 291. While I a mbuilding my lab following along with MS Press I will watch some cbt various vendors and than throw in Test Out.

    Since I am a Desktop Tech, I have to rely heavily on my lab and the cbt videos. I am going to do my best studying.
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