Study Materials for 70-227 (ISA 2000)?

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I need to take this one instead of 70-350. Since it's due to be retired in March 2008, I need to move quickly. :)

If you're familiar with the test, what books & other study materials do you recommend? I already have the CBT Nuggets. If you've used them, how much extra would I need for the actual exam?

I've found that CBT Nuggets and Transcender tests have been the best study materials (outside of pure hands on experience), and I used both of them to get through 70-290 & 291.
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    The CBT Nuggets and Transcenders are great.

    I have the Exam Cram, the Exam Prep and the MS Press Training Kit, all of which are pretty good. Here are the ISBN's:

    Exam Cram - 1576109410
    Exam Prep - 1576109577 (includes practice test on CD)
    MS Press - 0735613478 (includes CD with eval copy of ISA 2000 Enterprise)

    I also have Tom Shinder's ISA Server books, and although they are great books, they are not geared toward the exams and I wouldn't recommend them for that purpose. Now if you manage an ISA 2000 server, then buy his book for a lot of great tips and how-to's, but it won't help you on the exam.
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