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Hey I'm new to the forum. I just recently passed the CCNA and am looking into what to try for next(probably the A+). I don't currently work in the IT field, but I'm looking for a job. My question is do you think it is worth the effort to take the network+ since I already have my CCNA?


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    Employers don't really require Net +. You should be fine with CCNA
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    Yes it have worth Network+ certifications is neutral vendor which you can used in your searching a job in the field of IT. CCNA will apply only if you work only to cisco equipments.
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    I am in the same boat. Recently passed the CCNA and currently working on NET+. I plan on taking the test this week. I figured it could not hurt to have the extra ceritifcation and I have gained some knowledge along the way.
    good luck
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    Another couple of considerations:

    CCNA expires and must be renewed (by retaking CCNA or passing a CCNP exam) while the Net+ is for life.

    If you ever plan to persue the MCSA the A+ and Net+ combo can be used for the elective.
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    Yes it have worth Network+ certifications is neutral vendor which you can used in your searching a job in the field of IT. CCNA will apply only if you work only to cisco equipments.

    A CCNA will help with a networking job with any vendor equipment. It covers a lot of basic networking fundementals vital to any vendor equipment. It will be rare to find an IT position that doesn't use some sort of Cisco equipment wether it be switches, routers, pix, asa etc. The N+ isn't useless but looked at by most as below the CCNA. Its good like sprkymrk stated for MCSA elective (combined with A+). You will learn new things that were not covered in the CCNA also. A lot of netware from what I hear.
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    I guess I am coming late into this thread...

    I would skip net+ and move toward you Windows XP/Vista certification or A+. They both look better on a resume. An employeer looking your resume over is going to see Net+ as trivial when set aside a CCNA. ( I am not saying it is, I am just saying how HR see's it ) Take the same time you would have studied for the Net+ and snag something else.
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    I recently got my CCNA, however i am interested in getting NETWORK+ as well. That is as a MSCA 2003 (with A+) prerequisite. How much additional preparation does one need? Some friends seemed to think if one can pass CCNA, NETWORK+ is a cakewalk. I'm not entirely sure about that and curious what others thought. I purchased the transender exam software for NETWORK+. I haven't gone through it yet but would that and my CCNA and MCP background be sufficient for study material to at least pass?
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    I am curios about me how my cv will be after I will finish my Bs degree in computer networking and also If of course I will pass the cnna exam......
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    I think its worth it for the resume and self satisfaction alone, but if I had a long term job that didnt require it, it may not be worth your time...I dont see any ROI if you have CCNA.
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