using different parameters with commands

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Hi everyone
I have recently started studying for the 70-270 and am currently on chapter 2 of windows xp professional book, and would like to know do I have to learn all the switches used when installing xp over the network ?
As there are quite a lot of them or there more common ones which to learn ?
I have heard this is a more practical exam and not an exam you need to memorise everything (a+ Cisco ect..)is this true?



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    I would try it in a lab and just learn the basics. For the most part you don't have to get THAT in depth with the commands as long as you know the overall knowledge of the command.
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    You may learn something!
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    Hi Mishra
    Thank for the reply, I was hoping that was the case.
    Out of curiosity how good or should I say how close is the Microsoft book to the exam material as the sybex book covers unattended installations and remote installation in a lot more depth. And I was just wondering how deep into it you have to go

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