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just passed the JN0-341 exam with a 95. i am debating on getting the JNCIS-ER next before i go for the CCNP. Anybody here pass or attempt the JNCIS-ER?
**studying for my JNCIS-ER and BSCI**


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    I would go for the IS asap just for the fact that after December 1st you won't be getting a voucher for it.


    How different was the JNCIA-ER for the JNCIA-M?
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    IMO the ER was easier. there was not nearly as much technical stuff like bgp, isis, mpls, multicast, firewall filters and routing policy. it was pretty much just basic J-series router ?'s and a little bit of J-web, which is a great gui concept instead of the average CLI. i like the idea of a gui for the routers and switches. it makes sense, i think its time for the CLI to go kaput!! however, CLI can be useful in certain circumstances.
    **studying for my JNCIS-ER and BSCI**
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    I'm really developing an interest for their opportunity to learn and earn JNCIA-ER for free. Did you guys take advantage of their training? How feasible would you say it was to pass just from their study guides?

    Does their Juniper as second language help?
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    yes, juniper as a second language helps out a lot. just login to their juniper fast track program and all the study material there should be sufficient enough to past the test. now on to the BSCI exam!!
    **studying for my JNCIS-ER and BSCI**
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