Who's afraid of the big, bad, Beast?

ClaymooreClaymoore Member Posts: 1,637
Not me...

2 weeks of studying so I could spend 90 minutes answering 46 questions and earn a passing score of 860. Maybe 293 will present more of a challenge next week.

What's the secret to slaying the beast? Listen to the advice of others on the message board and study DNS and WSUS in depth. You seriously need to know them both. My weakest section was the routing and remote access (including a sim, but a difficult one), mainly because I use Cisco gear for both functions and didn't have the experience I should.

Other than studying hard, the only other advice I can offer is to relax and take your time during the test. Read the questions carefully and slowly so you don't jump to conclusions and choose a wrong answer. If you really want to take the pressure off, sign up for the free Second Shot voucher and, in the unlikely event of failure, you're not out another $125.

Thanks everyone for the heads-up on DNS and WSUS - you saved me a couple of weeks of pointless studying!


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