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Hi all,

currently i am doing CEH and i am planning to do CCSP after CEH.
can anyone give suggestion for me?
Whether i am doing the right thing or not


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    The C|EH is primarily focused toward penetration testing and the use of common pen-test applications. The CCSP is primarily focused on properly securing Cisco Networks. There are many other security certifications that may be appropriate depending on your circumstance. I don't know of how much help any of us can in terms of suggesting other certifications or an order to take them without knowing a little more about your background and where you are looking to go from here.

    For example, if you are brand new to the Security field you may want to consider CompTIA Security+ as an introduction to security.

    If you have many years experience and are looking to increase your value to potential employers or clients (if you are a consultant) you may want to look at CISSP which is vendor neutral and is commonly considered one of the better Security certifications to hold.

    If you are looking for If you are working primarily with Cisco networks and want to learn more about their security or prove your current knowledge then CCSP seems like a good path to start with.

    If you are doing penetration testing as a consultant or need to better test your own network then C|EH seems like a good bet.

    Microsoft of course has the MCSE track that is available for security.

    If you are doing a lot with wireless then you could look at the CWSP.

    There is also the SSCP which is vendor neutral like the CISSP but is more technically focused.

    nathan_rc wrote:
    can anyone give suggestion for me?
    Whether i am doing the right thing or not

    These don't even include all of the options available to you. Without knowing a little more about you most of us would be hard-pressed to provide much in the way of a suggestion. There are many people on this board that hold many of the certifications I listed above (unlike myself) and could provide their view of what they feel would be most helpful for your situation if you can provide some more information.
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