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I’m starting to hear more and more of IT jobs are being contracted. I’m not sure if its just around here. Southern California, or if its just the industry I do IT work for (real estate) At my work there are more contractors then there are Full time employees. Everyone is a full time employee but the contractors aren’t part of the company. I would say its about 79% of the IT work force are contractors and the rest being full time company employees. What do you guys think about that ? There are lots of people that have been working for the company well over 2+ years some even 3+ years that are still contracted and haven’t been converted or highered into the company, but their contracts continue to get renewed.

Is this how the IT industry works when it comes to big corporate IT jobs ? Is it different with smaller IT jobs ? Is it like this anywhere else ?

Where do you guys find solid full time with benefits employee jobs that directly higher into the company without having a middle man. Because most job posting website all have Contracted labor. How do you find an opportunity like that ?


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    I'm in Tampa and a lot of the IT related jobs I've seen are for contractor positions. I know at my previous position at a telcom company pretty much every new hire that was brought on as a contractor.
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    i'm a contractor at disa conus at scott afb. to me it doesn't matter. yes i am a contractor, however the contract i am under is always going to be renewed, maybe not by the same company but someone will have to do my job because we are like the big ISP for the military, so i have nothing to worry about. i guess it all depends on your situation but to me being a contractor doesn't scare me and it pays pretty darn well!!
    **studying for my JNCIS-ER and BSCI**
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