Work from home offer < network supervisor > !!!!

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hi guys...

today i got a call from a person who said abt a requirement for the post of "Network Supervisor".
Basically, he said, i l have to monitor their company's networks in US ( i m from India ), so that would b a night time for me ( morning 12 to 8am ) and i have to work from home, so no travel costs.

he said he wud pay me 4k INR ( us 1$ = 39 INR ) per month. I told him i wud b expecting around 8k INR per month. Avg sal for a fresher in india wud be anything between 8k to 12k INR per month. We negotiated a bit, and he said he will call me back ( hopefully ).

So this is the scenario. Considering i m a fresher with no experience ( and CCNA certified )and wanting to climb up the network ladder, should i accept this offer ( if he calls back ). I was actually going to try for a "tech Support" position in a company which is 1.5 hrs from me house ( and not to forget the horrible traffic ). If i do accept this one, will this experience count or help me in jumping to a much better company with better prospects. How would u rate this offer as against wotking in tech support ( which involves basic hardware and network knowledge ).

what would u guys suggest me at this point in time. ( even if he doesnt call back, i kno i have to start off from ground zero, tech support or help desk etc.. ).


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    Are you kidding me.... so he offered you lilke $100 USD a MONTH? and you countered with $200 USD?

    Wow... that's crazy.
    Dustin Leefers
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    So your saying hes offering to pay you 4000 INR which is equivalent to about $102 a month for this?

    How many hours does it involve?

    And Night work?

    Personally I would tell him April the 1st isnt for a while yet icon_sad.gif

    No offence meant but what are the average wages out there?
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    I would take the hands on job. I don't know if this is something normal in India, but I have never seen anything like this. What is the point of having someone half way around the world monitor your netowork? If its down I'm sure they already know on site. Whats the point of having you call therm and tell them? How are you going to troubleshoot anything from there? What happens if your internet connection goes down? You have issues with your computer? You will probably get a call back with some kind of scam. I could be wrong though.....
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    yep..i know i countered him with a double amount...but i did consider various factors like living costs etc..etc.. believe me, what he offered me is less but i cant help it. I said i l go for 6000 INR ..

    Night work - 8 hrs ( 12 Am to 8 AM ).

    yes i know wat u mean. i did consider these points. including the scam thing...i m just waiting for his call so i can get furthr info...

    yeah i know most of u wud b thinking abt the sal . But i also have to consider the experience which i may get ..... icon_exclaim.gificon_confused.gif: icon_confused.gif:
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    For many IP professionals wages in India amount to just a few hundred dollars a month. It's one of the reasons why so many big companies have shed thousands of IT jobs in the west and outsourced development, testing, support and project management to India.

    Try and get as much money as you can and good luck with your new job should you take it.
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    I would take the remote job. Good luck
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