does it sound like im ready

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Hey everyone i was wondering if you guys could tell me whether you think im ready for this exam. I have been studying the microsoft press book for a little over 6 months now i keep getting called for work and getting distracted, anyway i can answer all the questions correctly in that. i have a sybex test centre and am getting between 80 and 90 percent in that. i also have been getting around 80 percent in the microsoft press tests as well and yesterday i got a 78 percent on your test here. i have numerous study guides and example questions i have been going through as well, as well as a home network with 5 comps i do various things with i am looking to go for it next week sometime and just study hard up until it, so guys does it sound like im ready?


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    Sounds to me you are ready, the passing score is pretty low so if you score 80% and more on several different tests, you should do just fine.
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    Roughly, what is the passing mark of the exam? If it's not a 75% or something i'll go write it right away, I don't feel like studying :P I've been putting it off for my intra-curricular studies.
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