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I was on the phone with a few recruiters yesterday and they all asked me if I did level I or level II helpdesk work. Being that I'm the only helpdesk guy, I deal with most issues. My question is, what exactly is the definition of level II helpdesk?


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    It realllly depends on the company. Just try to make sense of what you do.

    If you replace mice all day and create tickets, you are level I.

    If you troubleshoot event log errors and manage machine images you are level II.
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    This is how I listed my duties on my resume, I believe I do both levels of support over here... Does my resume reflect that? :

    • First point of contact for 40 onside and 350+ branch office users via face to face and phone interaction.
    • Responsible for configuring, installing, and maintaining Windows 2000 and Windows XP computers for all users.
    • Implemented Norton Ghost to help streamline helpdesk efficiency
    • Configured, installed and troubleshot Outlook Express and Outlook 2003 issues.
    • Utilized Windows Netmeeting to troubleshoot branch office user’s computers
    • Support and troubleshoot user issues on Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.
    • Assisted Network Administrator in maintaining, monitoring, and troubleshooting 30+ Windows 2000/2003 servers.
    • Assisted Network Security Analyst in monitoring and troubleshooting WatchGuard Firewalls.
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    I'd say you're performing tiers 1-3 support.

    Incidentally, watch your tense agreement in your duties list on your resume. Use past tense, and it's probably better to utilize "performed troubleshooting" rather than "troubleshot." Not that you asked for input, sorry, bad habit.

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    I'm not gonna turn down input. I appreciate it.
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