Cisco router question.

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I am planning to purchase this router: Cisco 1604R ISDN Router from someone online. Is it sufficient enough for my CCNA exam?

Not sure what should come with it (i.e type of cables, manuals) ?

So what should I ask the seller about the router?

What do I need for the router in order to practice my CCNA from my desktop?

Just want to make sure from you guys before I go and buy it.



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    I think you should look for a 2501 Router instead. You will be better of with that router. The Cisco Simulation labs (Sybex) use the 2501 Routers and I think they are also in the CCNA exam too.

    Save a little bit more $$$ and invest on the 2500/2501 Router. icon_study.gif
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    If you're only going to use it to practice.. Then I suggest keeping the money and purchasing boson netsim instead, then you can build big huge networks, and use most of the CCNA commands inside of it. It really works great :D
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    Indeed, you should look for 2501 routers instead, they are available for less than 100 bucks, but that doesn't mean the 160x is useless...

    Others have asked about the 160x series before:
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    The Sybex RouterSims are also excellent to practice with. I use them myself. :D
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    Thanks guys for all of the replies.

    I will try out the simulators first. Then if I like, probably save up some $$ to get the real thing.

    Sorry another question, how long did it take you guys to study for your CCNA? I might start reading it soon.

    I am looking for a help desk position and/or entry level network admin ---which ever i can get, would a CCNA title look better than MCSA? I am indecisive on doing which one first...eventually I will complete both but which one will land me that job now? What do you guys think?

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    Also have a look at, it has some awesome capabilities.
    would a CCNA title look better than MCSA?
    That is bit like asking if an apple tastes better than a pear ;) It depends a lot for what type of job you apply, sys admin or network admin. In case the jobs involves Windows 2000 servers and clients surely an MCSA 'looks better', but if it involves networking only...

    As for how long it takes, some people study for a couple of weeks to a month, most people a couple of months longer, especially when they're doing self-study. It mostly depends on the amount of time you spent per day... this is not an exam you should rush into, take your time and jsut get started. Once you're started you will be able to make a more realistic estimate about how much time you need.

    Good luck, and more importantly: have fun!
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