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Hi guys, here we go. I have a real case scenario here:
I currently work as IT support/IT programmer in a medium-large company. The company is upgrading their system into SAP. They need someone with windows server admin skills to manage their sql sever.
I'm thinking of upgrading my skills by learning MCSE, SAP, MCDBA.
I have been reading and found there are many ways to get the certification:
- buy books and self study on your own
- e-learning and get practical learning from virtual lab
- distance learning (similar to self study)
- go to classes, practice hands-on experience. Pretty expensive
- ask the company to pay for this education

What do you think on this? Since the company is paying for it, should i just take the most expensive option and go with it? In terms of salary, do you think the company will give a large pay rise as me having MCSE, SAP, MCDBA skills/knowledge?

Your ideas are greatly appreciated! icon_wink.gif


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    If the company is willing to send you then I would definitley go to some quality courses, not a boot camp. I would also do self study on your own time to ensure it all sticks.

    If these skills are what the company needs then you may get a decent raise if you prove you are proffecient. It all depends on the company and their raise policy though. Some companies only give quarterly or yearly raises.
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    I agree with networker050184

    If they gonna pay for your training go to classes, practice hands-on experience, it is a little faster than self study. Still you have to apply yourself to study and complete the tests. You have a advantage that is that you go exp with IT Support, so you will need to sharp your skills and go forward.

    Even if do not get a salary increase, you laready won with education and that pay pretty good.

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    Don't even mention the word boot camp. lol
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    Thanks everyone for your contribution.

    So i guess i will ask the company to pay for this. Now, i'm going to find Certification Providers close to my place. I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Could you give me some advice on what providers i should take?

    Thanks greatly! icon_wink.gif
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    I would ask for a hands on teaching option, and self study materials...cause at the end you'll take some tests that may or may not measure what you've learned. Plus, its always better to have more study materials before testing, because for any exam there isnt a "do this only and you'll pass" book that i know of.
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    Go with good instruction if that's how you learn. I have ADD, so I prefer books and things I can rewind :D

    Have them spring for CBT Nuggets and Transcender while you're at it.

    I have my employer pay for my subscription to

    I get all the MS Press, Cisco, O'Reilly, etc. books that I want. Great resource.
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