Indiana and nationwide Lockheed Martin Help Desk

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on many job opportunities in Indianapolis and around the country. Lockheed Martin has a big contract with a few big government agencies, and are using staffing/recruiters to find them people for 6 months to hire.

They are starting off between 22-25 dollars an hour...and they are looking for HELPDESK. They are also looking for people with Security Clearances. One of the Staffing Agency's keep calling me and forgetting that I keep telling them that I don't want to do Help Desk, and that I would want way more money even if I did. They are saying that after the 6 months, Lockheed brings you on for minimum of 60K per year.

Two staffing agencies that I now of...K-Force and Allstaff Technical Solutions.

I just wanted to let people know in the Indiana area just in case any security cleared folk have been contacted or not contacted. They also said that there were other areas as well, but I called specifically for Indiana. 52K a year in Indiana is living VERY well, if I may add.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
B.S.B.A. (Management Information Systems)
M.B.A. (Technology Management)
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