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I was just wondering if i study, say 3 hours a day, 6 days per week - self study, will i be able to sit for one subject of CCVP in 2 months?

with 18 hours study per week and finish CCVP in 10 months? Any better way to finish it even with lesser time?


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    CCIE Candidates regularly spend 8-10 hours straight -- usually on weekends -- working through practice labs, on top of their hours of study and practice during the week... so sure, if you're motivated and have the neurons to spare, 2 months per exam for the CCVP is "doable."

    If you've got you're home lab, or rack time scheduled properly, and all your books ready when needed, a backup Cisco Documentation DVD (for if you're internet connection goes down while studying) and are willing to spend additional longer hours on the weekend if you find those 3 hours 6 times a week aren't enough -- then sure.
    a.zid wrote:
    Any better way to finish it even with lesser time?
    Study harder for longer hours. Do 3 or 4 hours in the evening 5 days a week and 8-14 hours per day on weekends. Take good notes, and review them often so that you can retain the material. Get lots of hands on practice and have hardware at home to work with (if your internet connection goes down and you can't access a remote rack rental).

    If you work for someone that wants to send you to the official training -- that's great. But for it to be useful, you still usually need to self-study prior to the class to gain the most benefit. Since the class has to keep to a schedule, once you fall behind in a topic, you may never catch up. And if later topics build on that -- then you're "lost" with those topics too.

    Bootcamps should be avoided like the plague -- there is no way to learn and retain all the information in the short amount of time. Some of them just "teach the ****" -- so their motto should be "We **** For You."

    Again -- if it's a legitimate bootcamp -- and you're prepared via self-study (or job experience) then it may be worth it if your employer pays for it.
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