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I currently have 3- IAD2431 routers with 8fxs ports and 1 on board T1/E1 interface each, and 2VWIC cards, borrowed from work of course , and was curious if these are enough for a home lab to practice for the Cvoice test? I also have a few single line phones to use on the FXS ports.


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    Yes, I think those would probably let you do what you need to do -- with enough leftover capacity to become the neighborhood phone company if you so desired icon_lol.gif

    Check out these CCVP forum threads:

    Doubt about CCVP equipments
    Most of what I used or the CCVP is mentioned in this thread. Plus there are some Cisco Documentation links in a later post to some of the Cisco Voice hardware.
    mikej412 wrote:
    For QOS all you really need are a couple of routers and a couple of voice routers (FXS and FXO cards, NM-V1 or NM-V2 to hold them, depending on your routers) to generate some RTP traffic. You'd probably want at least 1 2950 switch, and the 3550-PWR would also be nice to have here. If you had some old 2900-XL switches in a home lab, there would be some difference in the number of queues supported by the switches. If you don't have a switch that supplies inline power, then you could use power cubes for the IP Phones (which you'll need here to generate some traffic and get classified by the switches).

    Use the same routers from QOS for the CVOICE configurations and add the Call Manager Server, the voice gateway, and maybe the gatekeeper -- but this is at a simple level here.

    Home CCVP Lab
    This thread has the links to the VIC Modules -- and the hardware configurations.

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    More home lab ideas -- plus outfitting a classroom for 12 Voice students (6 pods for 2 students each @ over $140K) :D
    :mike: Cisco Certifications -- Collect the Entire Set!
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