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mwgoodmwgood Posts: 293Member
I stumbled across a book today - Network Warrior, by Gary Donahue.

It is quickly shaping up to be one of my favorite Cisco Networking books.

Anyway, it received great reviews - definitely worth a look.


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    mikej412 wrote:
    I'll give it 2 thumbs up (on a scale of 0-2, with 2 being best)
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  • borumasborumas Posts: 244Member
    I was looking at that book a few weeks ago, I will have to get it soon with all the great comments I've heard about it. :)
  • binarysoulbinarysoul Posts: 993Member
    Stay away from Todd Lemmle books altogether. There are serious issues with his books as they lack practicality.

    For example, I have access to his newst book 640--802 through my company's website and it is seriously flawed; it seems to me that he just rephrases RFC's. To give you an example, his chapter on VLANs is a total failure; it describes what it is (of course Wikipedia describes that too), but it can't tell you how to do it, except few commands. That's why I posted VLAN questions here, as it has no labs/excercises to learn from. I suspect, he's been able to using marketing tricks to mislead pepole his books are the best, but at least I would give him good grades in some parts, e.g. subnetting, but an F overall.

    All in one: If you take my advice, stay away from Todd Lemmle'b books.
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