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I have looked around looking for some notes or something to study that covers the 2003 objectives. Can anyone recommend something???


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    If you want to spend a few bucks I would recommend Mike Meyers A+ All In One 5th Edition. The reading isnt dry and the book covers both the A+ OS and the A+ Core. The book also comes with a cd containing practice exams.

    Amazon has pretty good prices if you want to buy from there
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    one approach i tried occasionally was to go through the objectives downloaded from the comptia website while using the o/s in question and use the "help" built into the o/s.

    it was a breath of fresh air on occasions, as it got me away from the books, but meant i was still learning something. true, it was the m$ angle on things, and not necessarily what comptia wanted you to know, but m$ help is aimed primarily at novice-users, which is great if it's something new to you and something that meyers et al can't explain in terms that you understand ;)
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