MCSA/MCSE..How long do I have?

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Hi I am a new guy, who found this site looking for answers. This site is a great concept and I am glad I found it. :D

I am taking the 70-290 next week, then in Feburary, the 70-291. I am wondering how much time would I have before I can no longer pursue the 2003 module for the MCSE? Would I have the option to continue on and then take the upgrade. Basically, I would rather not start over again.

Thanks, and nice place you have here


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    Welcome to the site!

    The 2003 MCSE will be around for awhile. I've heard predictions that 2003 will be the dominant version for 3-5 years (and will likely still be widely used after that), so I wouldn't worry about them discontinuing the exams before you finish.

    I don't think they've specifically announced when you will no longer be able to take MCSE exams, but the 2008 exams aren't even being made public until 60 days after 2008 Server RTMs, which is early next year. Plus, seeing as you can still take the 2000 exams, it seems likely that the 2003 exams will be available for another few years.

    You will not be starting over when you take the 2008 exams since they will build upon everything that was in 2003. I believe an MCSE will need one exam to upgrade to Server 2008, and then you will need to pass the Vista exam plus another required exam to be a Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator.

    Here's a link that gives a little more detail:

    Have you taken the 270 yet? There is a lot of overlap between the 270 and the 290, and it would likely be easier for you to take them in proximity to each other. You might want to consider doing that one next.
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