Anyone use trancender flash on a PDA?

pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
Thinking about buying a PDA just for this purpose, Study away from computer...

I am curious if you have tried to use their flash in OS.5

They claim it does not work, but if someone has got it to work please inform me.

thanks a bunch!
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  • 2lazybutsmart2lazybutsmart Member Posts: 1,119
    Well don't know about the technical part but the only reason I'd think studying for an exam using a PDA is not good is becuase PDA's are 'on-the-road' stuff and you wouldn't get much out of your studying if you do it while on the road. Know, you gotta focus on the stuff and do nothing else, so I don't see how that goes hand in hand with PDA and Flash icon_cry.gif

    That's as far as on-the-road studying is concerned. However, PDA's are great if you use them in your free time while at work or on the subway. icon_wink.gif
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  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    Well, I have a job, that i sit around and do nothing but BS for 90% of the time. So that is one reason, another reason is, I think that transcender flash will get me away from the computer. My eyes drive me crazy looking at this screen all the time, I would think that might be a little less harsh on my eyes. Plus, i can get away from the comp and go to the park with the dog and wife. Right now, I am constantly on this comp.
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