I need help very fast.

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Please help me! Where can I find practical labs on configuring routers and switches that I can use for CCNA? I find the Techexam labs extremely useful and to the point, so I'm looking for more of these (thanks Techecams folks for making these bowing.gif

Here is one example:


I need labs that are similiar to above. Todd Lemmle books have labs, but not for all chapters.


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    There are some labs like this that come with gear purchased from ciscokits.com.

    Basic stuff - but useful for CCNA.

    Otherwise, it's easy enough just to come up with your own ideas for labs. For example, setup RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, and OSPF. Look at the relevant show commands, etc. Make sure you are working with both serial and ethernet connections.

    Do Router-on-a stick.

    Setup standard, extended, and named access-lists and test.

    Setup a frame-relay switch and use the associated commands.

    Setup a switch with a default gateway on the management vlan - create vlans and assign them to interfaces.

    Setup trunking and basic VTP.

    Change the config register and do a password recovery.

    Do an IOS upgrade.

    Play with the new SDM.

    The scenarios aren't difficult for the CCNA, it's just a matter of ensuring that you implement all of the basic technologies discussed.
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    You could also try pick up a copy of the old CCNA practical studies book although it has things like IPX in it, it is still a good book to run through and has plenty of labs.
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