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Hi all I just got a 2501 router off eebay. There was a post in saying system light doesnt work when I got it( bad start I know). When I power on shore enought no system ok light. I have checked the placement of the ram boards and that there is a good power connect on the system board. Is there anything else that could make it work again?? There is no output on the console and aux connections (So not the L.E.D. slim chance of that happening).


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    Cisco 2500 Router Hardware Troubleshooting
    Check whether the power cord is plugged in firmly and power supply is good. If that does not resolve the issue, replace the power cord. If the problem persists, replace the router.

    If you have another router, you may want to swap power supplies, since you can get cheap replacements on eBay -- otherwise, without a systems light, this router is just a collection of possible spare parts for other routers.
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