HELP ME Need Serious Advice from CCNA's!!! (607)

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Here's my situation...I have been picked out from my Cisco Acad. class by Cisco with an email telling me that I am eligible to take the 640-607 exam with a promo code. The problem is that I have to take the exam before March 31st of this year...(the pressure is on!!!) icon_sad.gif I rather take the 607 then take the 801 being that the 801 exam is much harder. Can anyone out there that took the CCNA 607 exam PLEASE give me some pointers on what they were tested on when they took the exam. What were you asked to do in the labs in the exam??? My problem area is subnetting... icon_scratch.gif I am good with configuring switches and I know the basics in configuring a router, but the trouble starts when subnetting comes into the picture. My study material is This site, Sybex and Cisco press books. PLEASE HELP ME!!! icon_study.gif

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    The 640-607 exam objectives that start with "Configure" can turn up in the exam in a simulator. Subnetting has always been a major part of CCNA, if you are still having trouble with it, it might be better to put of the exam and take the 801. The difference with the new exam is not that huge. The newer exam includes VLSM and OSPF and more details on routing protocols. Most other topcis apply to the 640-607 exam as well. Besides the exam objectives, there is a lot of free study material available on the web, which is based on the 607 exam. (i.e. some of our technotes, crams, free practice exams etc.) But than again, who needs those when you have the Sybex 'and' the Cisco Press book ;)
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