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Is anyone knows, what is the difference between 640-801 and 640-802 exams. Topics which are not covered or excluded? like the new one cover or not the following:

Frame Relay, ISDN etc??

Also, do you suggest ICND1 and ICND2 vs 640-802?



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    This was covered in this thread:

    Taking two exams vs. one is really a personal preference. Splitting it up will be easier since there won't be as much material covered on each exam. The only downside is you have to pay for two tests and go through the testing process twice.

    I'm personally going to split it up, but if you're under time and/or financial constraints, you might want to consider going for it in one shot. I believe the general consensus is that it is preferable to go the two-exam route.
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    The 640-801 is only an option now if you were a Cisco Network Academy student, and then you'd have to check with your Academy.
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    I need to take the CCNA exam, and unfortunately it has to be on the "new" exam topics...I'm trying to figure out what exactly could be different...I was thinking ISDN and Frame Relay...maybe they will pay attention more on the Wireless now...???

    Anyone knows for a good study guide out there? The new test is relatively still starting up so I'm wondering if there's a good guide out there...maybe an sample test questions or something!
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    From Cisco's CCNA Instant Answers:
    Are there significant differences between the previous CCNA exams and the new exams?

    Exam questions have been updated to validate the skills necessary to implement today’s small to medium-sized branch networks, and include new topics, such as network address translation and IPv6, basic security controls, and basic WLAN concepts. A full list of exam topics is provided at The new exams also feature more performance-based questions, to better assess candidate competency.

    Here are links to the exam requirements for the CCNA, ICND1, and ICND2 exams:





    To answer your question about training resources, it looks like new Cisco Press books are available, the new Bryant study guide will be available Dec., 10th ( ), and CBT Nuggets has training available for the ICND1. That should get you started :D
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