RDC through a router

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I'm not sure how dumb a question this is, but...

I just got a laptop for work, so I can bring it home and use it, etc. etc. I have been using RDC to access my home computer at work. Now I am going to connect a linksys wireless router inbetween the modem and computer. Am I going to have to do anything special to connect to my computer at home still from work?


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    You will need to configure port fowarding on the Linksys box for Remote Desktop which is port 3389 by default.
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    If its a new router, you can find the setting under Applications and Gaming.

    Make sure you give your laptop a static IP address and set the port forward to that IP.

    If you only have 1 device, ie yer laptop... just set it to 100 as your default ip will be .100 on your laptop if you dont make changes.
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