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I am in need of some assistance as far as a career goes. Me currently: No IT experience. Currently work as a Web Content Specialist, or as I like to call it "Copy and Paste Monkey".

Anyway, I am in the military reserves and will be retraining into a new job. The job is for the Air Force and is basically Network Administration. The school is four months long and will probably give me some good basics on network admin. I have a BA and am currently working on my MBA. I have no management experience.

My question: Is there a possibility for a career in IT based on what I have going on right now? My goals are this: Have a job that is not the same thing every day. I do not mind working with people in a customer service type role, but would prefer not to do this. Make about 50K a year or more of course. I know this may be difficult in my neck of the woods (Inland Northwest) but I want to be able to support my family (stay at home mom, and two kids) I am really hoping that I could get on with the Fed .gov as a 2210.

Really I know so little about IT, that I am unsure if I should consider this as a career. The military reserve move was so I could get a bonus, I have some interest in IT so that was why I chose 3C2X1 (USAF Job code). I might start working on my A+ certification as that seems to be a standard "starter" certificate. I have some good e-learning tools through Skillsoft, they offer prep courses for a lot of IT certifications. Through the military I can use them for free. Anyone used them before and are they good source?

Everyone always tells me IT is what I should be doing. I'm just the guy who fixes everyones computer, but it is always easy stuff that no one really wants to do themselves.

Sorry for the rambling type post, but I am at a sort of crossroads here. Trying to figure out which direction to go is not as easy as it seems.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Go with what you're happy with. It's more or less the question of whether or not you would enjoy IT, not so much if you're capable. As long as you have the determination to learn, your chance is as good as any. Even if your knowledge is lacking, a lot can be self taught through virtual environments and labs via VMware or VirtualPC. It depends on how much you're willing to put into it. And who knows, maybe after playing around for awhile you might decide that this is something you would like to do for a living.

    As far as getting an entry level job starting at 50k... that depends on the cost of living in your area. Entry level jobs here in Long Island, NY range from 32-42k. 50k may be a little steep.
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