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xxxxxxxxx [edit by webmaster: posting a link to them will only send them visitors...]

Isnt that illegal what they are doing? If so, who can I report them to?


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    unfortunatly it say's Novelty.. So basically it is probably legal..
    Just show your stuff at the interview and they will know if you have a novelty one or real one.
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    What is the purpose of that??? I think it is ridicicouls!!! icon_evil.gif
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    How is that not illegal? Novelty or not, they're selling certs, without the cert.?!?!?! Hmmm. Comptia and M$ should be aware of this. I'd stay away, very far away. They claim no one can tell the difference. Well gee, let's say Mr. Employer asks for an offical they sell those as well?!?!?!
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    Oh my God icon_cry.gif These guys are "selling" certificates with your name on them and, to add to the confusion, they're up there on the WWW telling everybody how goddamned legal they are icon_rolleyes.gif some "police" must be sleeping here. I thought those certificates were "registered trademarks" or somesort. It's like printing a cheque or a Harvad diploma

    Well gee, let's say Mr. Employer asks for an offical they sell those as well?!?!?!

    yep. as they claim.
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    Microsoft should offer a publish option ~ like comptia. It would sure nail this kind of crap.
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    "Will people know that I bought my IT certification, instead of working hard for it and passing exams?
    No. The fact that you obtained your certification through CompCerts, Inc. will never be revealed to anyone. We comply with the strictest of confidentiality."

    How can that be allowed? They should be shut down? What about copyright?
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    This sort of thing makes me sick.

    I see posts on this and other forums from people seeking honest jobs as IT techs and admins so they can support themselves and perhaps their families. But, the ones making money--making a killing-- are the crooks.

    Well, I'd be pretty sure that CompTIA and M$ know about this site, but it's probably off-shore or in an environment where it's owner is immune to prosecution. These kinds of operations have always been available to people who do not desire a feeling of accomplishment or have any idea of real fairness.

    But, enough preachin'. I'm going to get my certs by examination.

    Good luck to all!!
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    I got a couple of contacts at Pearson VUE, MS and CompTIA who will be interested in this. If I get a reply I will post it here if appropriate.
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    It doesn't matter if you expend $1,000 on those imitations, basically an IT manager in an job interview will ask you a couple of questions and trust me, it will not be long before he or she realize that your claims about expertise are a hoax...

    Im agree in one thing, posting a link on this forum will only help bring them more potencial customers icon_wink.gif
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