Router Question - No, not about purchasing one lol.

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Hi there,

Im currently studying CCNA, I guess thats why im posting here! :D Im not quite familiar with routers yet, so i have a few questions about them. Ive been asked to find routers that support Fiber (multimode) and Giga ethernet. I was wondering anyone knew of a particular router that supports this or should I be looking at expansion slots. (its for my college course)

Cheers! :D


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    There's always the 12000 Series Router with Gigabit Ethernet Line Card configured with 1000Base-SX multimode fiber interface.

    Or you could pick out something in a smaller access router. If you want gigabit ethernet and multimode, search this Overview of Cisco Network Modules for Cisco Access Routers doc for Gigabit Ethernet, optical and pick a router that fits the module.

    If you want gigabit ethernet AND any old multimode interface, then you have even more options.
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    Thanks for the help. I need a router that may be possible to have two multimode fiber interface cards in, as it will be connecting to two other routers as a backbone for a company (networking project). so all I need is 2 particular router with gigaethernet and multimode and 1 with 2 multimode interfaces. Sounds confusing, im relativerly new to this, as you can tell.

    I will read through that link you posted also, cheers again!
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