VLAN's and subinterface notes

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I'm getting ready for my CCNA now. I'm doing this course under my countries government special plans for unemployed graduates (fully paid).
We go through classes (9 to 5), 5 days a week for each paper (INTRO and ICND) and sit for each exam the next week. I find it stressful getting ready for it. Is this time limit enough for preparation or am i the only one finding it tough.

Anyway i found the notes on this site very helpful but additional notes on Ethernet technologies would be also welcomed. Why are there no notes on switch technologies (VLAN,subnetting etc) for CCNA (640-801) available? Will there be any questions regarding switches in the real exam.



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    I wrote this one up a few days ago, www.mistrust.ca/~sartan/CCNA3.TXT

    There's no subnetting on it, though, but it shows great a great VLAN implementation.


    ^- a forum topic I posted earlier that shows supernetting as well.

    Practice, Practice, Practice your supernetting. VLANs are relatively easy, and if you know your supernetting/subnetting you'll have no problems for your exam.

    If you have access to the Cisco Network Academy, Chapter 1 of CCNA 3 covers variable length subnetting, and chapter 10 of CCNA 1 covers subnetting. (I beleive).
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