In2006 became CCNP; I want to become a CCDP soon; NoCCDA yet

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Hi Forum,

In December 2006 I finished my CCNP trajectory (just on time indeed). FYI: passed the 642-801 (BSCI), 642-811 (BCMSN), 642-821 (BCRAN and 642-831 (CIT) exams.
I have a CCNA from earlier and no CCDA yet.
The curriculum says I must have 2 modules from the 2007 CCNP trajectory (642-901 BSCI and 642-812 BCMSN, or its composite exam), but I don't have them now.

Because the CCDP ARCH (642-871) exam is retiring in Feb 2008, I want to be on board before then.
Yes, I know passing does not make me a CCDP, but that's in my game.

The crucial question: If I pass the CCDA DESGN (640-863) exam, does that completes my requirements to become a CCDP together with my current CCNP modules?

Thanks for your reply in advance,

Han Coumans
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    Yes. The old 642-801 and 642-811 exam you passed in 2006 should still count. The exams are "good for 3 years" to apply towards a Certification.

    It doesn't matter if you pass the existing 642-871 ARCH exam first.

    When you do pass the current DESGN exam, that will complete the requirements for both the CCDA and CCDP -- and you will get both Certifications. :D
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    Yup, there's nothing stopping you from taking the ARCH exam first. Cisco recommends the CCDA before ARCH, only because the associate-level exam covers material you delve deeper into when studying for ARCH. However, Cisco won't stop you from taking ARCH first, and then going back to do CCDA. Good luck, here's to hoping you knock 642-871 out of the park before they retire it, and good luck with 640-863 as well.

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    Yes sir, you need a valid DESGN (CCDA), BSCI and BCMSN to be eligible to take the ARCH (CCDP), so after you are done with your DESGN you can confidently take the ARCH exam.
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    Yes sir, you need a valid DESGN (CCDA), BSCI and BCMSN to be eligible to take the ARCH

    You do not need DESIGN to be eligible to take the ARCH. You won't get the cert until you pass the DESIGN though.
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