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Hey guys,

I've been working with the CP product on nokia's for about a year now. I have been pretty much all over the internet looking for user group forums, pretty much the only one I can find is at cpug.org...

Am I missing something?? there seems to be a lack of forums/usergroups for these products and I was wondering if anyone knows of any active forums for Check Point...

If there are no good ones out there I do not mind starting my own up as I have alot of Knowledge about these products and am looking for a good group of people to share what I know with.



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    I have found the same thing with certain products. I have been using Symantec's firewalls (Enterprise, VelociRaptor, Security Gateway, etc.) and there is nothing out there.

    Feel free to post Check Point questions, comments, tips and tricks here though. Maybe you can jump start something that google will index and start to point others here.

    Oh, and welcome to the site. :)icon_cool.gif
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