Google search results delivering massive malware attacks

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A short article on how bot networks are seeding Google with malicious Web sites, causing search results to return links to Malware-infected servers.


  • SchluepSchluep Member Posts: 346
    I actually cleaned up a PC for someone in my office who got infected by one of these sites (about a week ago, so it has been growing for longer than the 2 days mentioned by the article that must have been particularly bad). From their history they had several links in a row that showed up on their google search for very similarly named Chinese sites (ending in the .cn/#.html format as shown in the article's example). An informed user would avoid visiting such suspicious looking sites appearing on a search engine, but obviously a lot of people just search and click.

    Thanks for posting this warning. Knowing the malware involved is definitely helpful for anyone we know that may end up with a similar infection.
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    This will likely be remedied quickly. Google tends to move fast when things like this are in the public's eye.

    Thanks for link.
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