Local Drive Quota?

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I am curious if it is possible to set a quota on a client pc for their local drive. I know there are several alternative methods to somewhat reach this goal but I want to be able to set the quotas just as if I am doing so for a network/share drive. Ideally I want to control what the user can see on their Local C drive. The drive could be 200gb but I only want them to see 50gb and only be able to write that much data.

Is something like that possible?


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    You can set a quota on a client PC just as you can on a Server. Right click on the drive (in this case C:\) and click on the quota tab. There you can limit how much storage space a user has to save data. If you want to limit what a user can "see" on a drive you can do so via NTFS permissions.
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    I know on the local computer you can go to the properties on the drive in question and set quotas there. I am not sure you can prevent a user from actually seeing the space available however.
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    Is it possible to apply those quota limits from the server rather then moving to each client physically? I know I could remotely do it, but maybe a faster way or some sort of group policy?
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    I agree, I don't think you can prevent the user from seeing how much space is available on the drive (maybe a 3rd party utility can do this). And if you want to use quotas, you need to make sure the drive is formatted as NTFS.
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    Yeah being able to see the total drive space is not important so much as being able to set drive quotas without having to log into every client. I was hoping to find a way to do this, but have not been so lucky. I am definitely noobish on this so any information is awesome :)
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    Thats great, thanks a bunch for the help!
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