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I have a PNY 2gb flash drive. It came with two partitions, one for data, and one for the U3 setup, which is some sort of utility used to manage the drive. I want to get rid of the U3 crap, and have just a regular one partition flash device. The U3 is setup as a CDFS. Maybe I'm just tired, but I can't make windows delete the CDFS partition........any ideas?
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    How did you try to delete it?

    If you didn't, try doing it through disk management.

    If you're using xp/vista, right-click "my computer" and choose "manage". Then select "disk management" under "storage" on the left.

    Here's the kb article on it:
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    That will take you to the site to download the uninstaller of the U3 stuff.
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    I have a drive similar that I received for free awhile back with a CDFS partition on it that had advertisements on it for the company I received it from. I tried everything I could think of to delete that partion but could not. I tried Disk Management in Windows XP, GPARTED, Knoppix, QTParted, etc....I also searched google high and low but could not delete the partition. That was some time ago though so maybe someone else has a solution.
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    Okay, so maybe doing a search for U3 would have yielded me the results I was looking for.....I need coffee....

    thanks to above for responding!
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