Can't break 700 on 70-272

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Well, I took 70-272 for the third time and come up short w/a 651. Even used Transcender this time! What the hell is going wrong here? Obviously, I still do NOT do well on multiple choice and multiple answer exams.

Failing by a large margin (over 100 points) is one thing, but coming within one, two or three of passing is very frustrating (and I have been known to change answers within the exam).

Sure you need hands on experience, which I do have, but if this exam really reflected one's experience, this exam would be "hands on" versus multiple choice!

I did sign up for M$ Second Shot deal. Now I'm wondering if I'll even bother with it. I doubt even the Sybex book would help. icon_mad.gif


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    passing is 700 so you are almost there, i would suggest to read the exam slip and review those topics that you are weak on.

    remember even if you have hands on experience you have to learn to do things Microsofts way instead of doing it the way you are accustomed to.

    one thing i usually do in MS exams is to answer questions that im sure of, otherwise i just mark em and move on then review them at the end

    if you have winxp running just take time and look at the toolbars of IE, outlook and office applications.

    when studying for a certification exam, i usually watch cbts then use a textbook. i read the textbook pages that cover each particular topic on each cbt video, i make notes from the textbook(mainly from the end of chapter summaries) and use them as a review

    i wish you the best of luck on your next exam :)

    (forgive my grammar/spelling even though english is my first language i suck at it )
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    What are you using to study for the exam? It sounds like you need to get some more hands on with Windows XP Pro or with Microsoft Office. Install it...break...fix...repeat. I recommend using the MS Press books for the MCDST exams, if you don't have that them pick it up on amazon.com. Don't give up, you are close to passing. If you have a chance to take the exam for free via the 2nd shot offer take advantage of that.
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    MishraMishra Member Posts: 2,468 ■■■■□□□□□□
    What are some of the TOPICS that you had a problem with on the exam?

    Example: Did you have a problem understanding file permission questions?

    Have you studied by tackling the confusing topics before you sit your next exam? What are some of the things you don't really feel confident with?
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    You may learn something!
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    RD28327RD28327 Member Posts: 79 ■■■□□□□□□□
    On the 70-272 exam, I did extremely well on the "Resolving Isues Related To Usability" and "Configuring and Troubleshooting for Network Connectivity of Applications" sections. I did extremely awful on the section known as "Resolving Issues Related to Application Customization. Also dropped compared to last time (April 2007) in the section known as "Configuring Applicatio Security".

    Will definitely need to much more lab work. Even got a copy of the Sybex book just to see if the subject matter is presented better or differently. I will use the "Second Shot " from M$ First I need to get past the CCNA 1 exam since I am in the Cisco Networking Academy at a local community college. Also, I need to find some work. I really could use the $$$ here at Christmas time.

    I really need to do a much better job of reading the questions, use up almost all my alotted time for the exam (I usually finish up the exam with about 5-10 minutes left.. I really do NOT do well on multiple choce and multiple answer questions. I remember one time in college a psychology instructor tried to offer me all-essay exams since I did awful on multiple chose and multiple answer exams (but she did like my essays). I turned her down since I did NOT want any special treatment. I do sort out all the bogus answers on these cert exams but I do have a REAL BAD tendency of changing answers during these exams. I guess I can't trust my first or my second instincts!

    Anyway, I will take the exam on Tuesday, 1/28/08 at another location (a pool hall or bar was much more quiet than where I took it last time -- stay away from AIT Acclaim if you are near the Fayetteville, NC area!). I am hoping I can finally put this exam behind me and move on to "other things."
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    dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    You might want to pick up the Transcender practice exam and give that a shot. They do cost about as much as the exam itself, but they really help with acclimating you to the test format. They include multiple choice, drag-n-drop, and sims; just like on the real test. Plus, they provide excellent explanations as to why each option/action was or wasn't correct.

    Here's the link: http://www.transcender.com/product.aspx?product_id=Cert-70-272&Search=1
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    RD28327RD28327 Member Posts: 79 ■■■□□□□□□□
    As for Transcender, been there done that.
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    dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    RD28327 wrote:
    As for Transcender, been there done that.

    Did you use it for this test? It looks like you'll get a refund if you fail within 90 days of purchasing the product, but you need to report it within 30 days of failing.
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    manny355manny355 Member Posts: 134
    I would suggest looking at the print out that you got when you fail the exam, and concentrate on those areas that are weak. I took and passed the 272 today and the only thing I used to study was the 270 exam. (which I took a couple of times...lol)

    I would suggest using the study material for 270 if you don't have anything else.
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